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P.A. High Noon Founders' Day

P.A. High Noon Optimist Founders' Day


Each year for the last 19 Years we have presented a celebration on Father's Day called FOUNDERS' DAY.

We celebrate the founding of our city in 1896, by A. Isbister.

The High Noon Optimist club , in co-sponsorship with CKBI. The help of groups like the H.N.Optimist Soccer Association, The P.A. Optimists, The City of Prince Albert, Pepsi Cola, Weyerhauser Canada Ltd, The Firefighters Association, SIAST, The Coronet Motor Inn, and various other volunteer groups make this Day at the Riverbank possible.

The following is a list of events and stages etc throughout the day.

10:30 Opening Interdenominational Church Services - put on by The Salvation Army

11:30 Official entertainment on west stage begins, MC'd by Baton Broadcasting personnel . All entertainment is recruited by TV personnel throughout the year , from winter festival , applications and from their advertizing ( We get approximately $30,000 worth of airtime for their co-sponsorship.

All Food Booths are operational by noon serving up various western , eastern, multicultural goodies. ( All food booths must sell Pepsi products only, in order for us to qualify for a gift of cash from them). All main food booths are run by non-profit youth groups who turn over 20% of gross sales or specific rentalks of $200.00 to $250.00 to us for operating costs. Any Private operators do the same ( specialty booths - ie: soft ice cream, )

The East Stage has been hosted by us We recruit the groups like gymnastics, judo, singing , dancing , (pie eating run off in heats) - (pies courtesy of Coronet Motor Inn)

From 1:30 to 4:30 PM the local Pet training facility demonstrates trained pet tricks etc on the far west grounds. A very popular gathering spot for everyone.

From 11 AM until they are done Siast has Water Volleyball Tournaments on the special courts (With assistance from The P.A. Firefighters.)

On the streets from 1:00 PM until 5: PM the P.A. Firefighters have provided free rides up and down the River Street on their Antique Firetruck.

From 1 until 5 the P.A. Playground staff have various children's games and activities on the East side of the Stuart Park. Dee Jays Amusements From Saskatoon have provided Rides For Children at a nominal cost and 20% to us for doing so.

Various ticket selling booths are set up each year ( we get 20% of gross sales, or flat rental) We have the final day of our High Noon Optimist Soccer Association Draw forCash this day as well and the Draw is at 7:30 PM.

Food booths report to the food booth chairperson regularly to turn in cash , get change etc. and food booths continue until dusk , as does the west stage.

At Sunset we give a grand goodnight to all with a great display of fireworks.