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The P.A. High Noon Optimist Sports Centre Inc

The P.A. High Noon Optimists Had been looking for a possible Capital Project after we paid off our Park .

In Fall of 1994 , The High Noon Soccer Association was giving their annual report to the general assembly, and mentioned that they were looking for a permanent facility , instead of using the school auditoriums, losing uniforms and not being very competitive.

We said to them , if they did find a facility , to give us a call and we would see if we could assist.

Well, about 3 months later they asked to attend a meeting with a proposal. We agreed.

They had found , with the assistance of Real Estate, this building , which was 22,000 square feet, with 24 foot height to the rafters and only one line of support poles down the middle.making each side approximately 70 feet by 220 feet. There were offices used by the warehouse previously on a second floor. The price was only $270,000.

We looked at it , crunched figures , and said , no way , It could not be afforded by just the 2 of us involved , neither of the clubs had adequate cash flow to accomodate such an undertaking.

The soccer assn came back within the month with the P.A. Gymnastics club , who had been also looking for a permanent home , and were spending a fortune each month on setting up and taking down mats and equipment at the Margo Fournier Centre - A city owned facility , with nominal rent , but numberous users.

We decided to pursue this further and find out how much renovations would cost , and whether the city would waive the taxes on the building ($23,000) if we bought the building and turned it over to them.

With the electrical changes ( better lighting and Radiant heaters) it was estimated that additional costs would be approximately $120,000.

We checked with Parks and recreation to see if they would support the facility , THEY Would. They thought that it would be possible for the city to carry the loan for the Capital cost of the building for 7 year We had to come up with the renovation costs, and the city agreed to waive the taxes.

We got the city's agreement, the three clubs set up a separate association for the building. We proceeded to remove the freezers from within, have the electrical work done, build a wall down the middle to divide the two clubs , and our club started building above the dressing rooms being built and the entrance, our upper level club rooms.

We ran out of money before we even had a floor down for soccer and before the heat was installed and the mercury vapour lights were installed. We used volunteer labour for plumbing ( Building already had a sprinkler system) young offenders did a lot of the clean up.

The Kinsmen volunteered to supply the $48,000. floor for the soccer field. The Prince Albert Sports Council Provided $20,000 for the Heating System, and we are still trying to pay off the electrical work , very much higher costs than estimated. The Electrician , Sweeney Electric , has been very patient with us .

Many Businesses volunteered equipment, volunteers, dollars to assist us in getting everything ready for the New Year's opening and dance Dec/95.

Our offices still need to be finished on the ceiling , but the rest is clean , new and usable. We have room for 50-60 people , a pool table, two offices 2 storage rooms two bathrooms and a fully equiped kitchen.

If it weren't for Carnival Bingo( Which we thank wholeheartedly) providing bingo's to all our clubs we would not have been able to afford the $1,500 per month utilities , the $1500 per month commitment on each of our parts to pay off the capital loan.

The building now has approximately 600 children a day using the facility from Sept to May each year.

P.A. High Noon Optimist Sports Center

P.A. High Noon Optimist Sports Center Inc