High Noon Optimist Membership
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Dave Adams ( Eileen Romancia*) 564 10th Street E , 763-2328
Bruce Ahlstedt(Gail) 340 28th St E 764-4698
Terry Ashby (Darci) 93 MacDowall Cr 764-3093
Dennis Benard ( Anita) 42 Berezowski Dr 763-7260
Ross Butterwick (Donna) 3422 Bliss Cresc 764-6592
Al Hipkiss(Nadine) 1753 Albright Cr 764-1334
Diane Kostiuk # 6 - 11 19th St W 764-9635
Eleanor Linzmeyer(John) 28 30th Street E 922-6224
Ajay Krishan 1335B 2nd Ave W 922-5151
Nelson Macauley 564-10th St E 763-2328
Nick Markowsky (Bea*) 462-23rd St E 764-1699
Bernice Matice 922-6111
Richard Matice (Monique*) 363 MacArthur Dr 763-0556
Stuart Matice (Rosa*) 2706-1st Ave E 763-4229
John Meier ( Anita) 1559-1st St E 763-0547
Colleen Mosure 764-9099
Dennis Mudry RR # 5, Site 20 763-3863
John Nater 1563-1st St E 922-1410
Ray Preston (Gail Bergen*) 544-23rd St E 922-0643
Mike Regnier(Norma) 488-11th St E 764-1889
Jason Urquhart 1383-4th St E 764-5119
Wendall Urquhart (Shelly*) 1383-4th St E 764-5119
Dallis Winsor 221-20th St W 764-6797
Karen Young 922-2451
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Magic 21 -
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