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Youth Appreciation Week

The Youth of our city are not often enough appreciated for the good things they do in the community. One week of the year is dedicated by the City Administration as Youth Appreciation Week - Usually the 2nd or 3rd week of November. We take over and proceed to show our Youth that we really do appreciate their GOOD work.


Our Way To appreciate our Youth

The Youth Of our Communities are very active. We are friend of the youth and we have learned to pick out the good in the youth of the area. All too often these youth go unrecognized by the media, who find news in the bad things youth do, but fail to recognize the good in our youth.
Each year we get together with the parent teacher group, and the student council reps and determine who are the outstanding leaders in providing good deeds, good manners, good attitudes in our community.
We cull the number down to 30 or 40 children and then provide press releases to the daily newspaper, for them to publish the pictures and bio ( 6 or 7 a day) .
We have the TV Station show the bio's and photo's each night on the local news, and they are interviewed on the local 1/2 hour talk show each morning.
We have the Radio Station interview at least 2 of the children each morning , before 8 AM on the on- line show.
The Children have in the past, had scavenger hunts to the merchants in town ( Pre-Arranged as to which merchants would participate) and as many as 3,000 items have been donated to Salvation Army, Child Crisis Centre and the Needy.
The Children have had Evenings of curling, pictionary, Charades, and had the local Pizza Houses donate Pizza, and have had the local Coke Bottler donate for the gathering after, for the presentation of awards.
The Children also cook and serve supper at the local soup kitchen for the needy.( We provide the food products used from Optimist Funds)