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P.A. High Noon Oratorical

P.A. High Noon Optimist Oratorical

<BGSOUND SRC="" LOOP=INFINITE AUTOSTART=TRUE> </HTML> </CENTER> <HR> <CENTER> <FONT SIZE="+3"> Orotorical Contest </FONT> </CENTER> <P> Each year the two Optimist clubs in Prince Albert jointly promote an essay contest for the youth of Prince Albert, We divide the schools up and distribute brochures to the schools involved and try to get the English teachers enthused about the program and the prizes available to the Students. Not to mention the experience. <P> We got a letter from our three year ago's winner Miss ---Angelski , who attributes her career to her experience she gained in the several years she spent competing in the contest. <P> This year"s Chairperson is Eleonor Matice , from our club and she has the other club on board and the winner from P.A. will compete against the rest of the zone and province and the winner will go on to district competition at Red Deer on the Long weekend in May. <HR> <HR> <HR> </HTML>