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P.A. High Noon Triple A Hockey Tournament

P.A. High Noon Optimist Triple A Hockey Tournament

Triple A Midget Invitational Hockey Tournament

This project has been turned over to the triple a midget hockey team so that they might raise more interest and funds for their team. Since 1991 The Club has been building a bigger and bigger Midget triple A tournament. We have teams from as far away as Los Angeles , Seattle , Minneapolis , Winnipeg, Brandon, Pembina Valley, Edmonton, Calgary, Penticton Etc Attend.

This is a 5 day Tournament held over the weekend of November 11 each year.

We provide a Liason for each of the teams to show them around, chaufer them around, get their skates sharpened, get them fed, watered and make sure they are off to bed.

Each team pays a $500. Fee which guarantees them at least 2 games, in any of the arenas being utilized.

Each nite we provide a hospitality suite for the coaches, liasons and workers to go and unwind and get reports off to the press.

We work hand in hand with the midget Raiders , and provide them with our manpower and they get any profits from the tournament.

This is a strain on manpower , as it is a 5 day event.