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P.A. High Noon Santa Claus Day

P.A. High Noon Optimist Santa Claus Day

<BGSOUND SRC="" LOOP=INFINITE AUTOSTART=TRUE> </HTML> <HR> <HR> <CENTER> <FONT SIZE="+3"> CHRISTMAS SPECIAL PROJECTS </FONT> </CENTER> <P> Optimists Man the Salvation Army Kettle one Saturday Before Christmas. <P> We get Santa and go to the hospital children's ward on Christmas and deliver safe stuffed toys to children stuck in the hospital at Christmas. <P> On Christmas day 4- 6 Optimists help the Salvation prepare and serve Christmas Dinner to the Needy. <P> At New Year's We help the Building with New Year's eve celebrations and with decorations and organizing of the Dance. <P> We Have The Santa Claus Day at The Theatre for 2,000 to 3,000 children. <P> We have our own Family Christmas Party. <P> <p><a href="">home</a> <HR> <HR> </HTML>